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  4. Data Analysis & Migration

What is Uniface?

The most productive, reliable and scalable development tool in the industry!

IT Organizations want to develop Enterprise or business critical applications briskly and deploy them on a wide variety of platforms that support vital business processes from mainframe to mobile devices. Uniface helps our customers leverage these benefits of a ‘Service Oriented Architecture & mobile technologies to develop and modernize existing Enterprise Applications.

Uniface is a development and deployment platform for enterprise applications that can run in a large range of runtime environments, including mobile, mainframe, web, Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Windows, Java EE and .NET.

Being platform independent Uniface allows applications to work on the most widely used hardware platforms and operating environments. Uniface allows developers to make better use of legacy resources by renewing and integrating their most mission critical applications for the web.

Uniface Facts!

  • Leader in High End, Model Driven Development
    7x Faster than Java
    4x Faster than .NET
  • Platform Independent
  • More than 3000 customers
  • Customer Loyalty > 98%
  • Global Partner Network
  • Global Presence for 30 years
  • Smallest amount of Code in the Industry
  • Availability on the Cloud.
  • Future Proof – Life Cycle 15+ years.
  • Helps re-use current IT business assets.

Case Study: One1 - Hardware & Software Vendor

Uncomplicated modernization and Cloud deployment with Uniface maintains ERP leader’s advantage.

New Approaches Are Needed to Develop Applications Faster

The Uniface Ecosystem with a vast array of features extending into the mobile

Uniface Technology Independence

Case Study: COAMO - Agriculture & Natural Resources
Uniface helps largest agricultural cooperative in Latin America stay ahead in a dynamic economy.

Uniface Web Applications

Case Study: Kawasaki Heavy Industries - Manufacturing
Kawasaki Heavy Industries achieves high productivity with their customized mission-critical Uniface application.

Uniface Web Services

Case Study: SGEL - Transporation Services & Utilities
Spain’s market leader in press distribution relies on Uniface for mission-critical web, CRM applications.

Uniface Security

Case Study: Midland HR - Human Resource Management
UK’s largest independent HR & Payroll solutions provider harnesses technological innovation to help customers weather the downturn.

Uniface Modernization

White Paper: Bloor Report on Uniface Modernisation
Uniface Modernisation moving enterprise integration into composite applications without pain.